Joining Strattonwood

Strattonwood Pool is privately owned by the 130 member families, each of which has purchased a share in membership in the pool. Our pool is member owned and member run. Strattonwood Pool is dedicated to the promotion of swimming as recreation and fitness for the lifespan. Each and every owner shares in the present and future well-being of the Club.

Each and every adult has the opportunity to help keep the Club a great place and continue to make it better. While not every owner is expected to serve in an executive capacity (such as an Officer of the Board)our members think about the club as sort of a home away from home. Just as you have a stake in your own personal property, treating your ownership as an invaluable extension of that property will allow our Club to thrive and prosper in the coming years

Our pool is run by the owner elected Board for the benefit of all member/owners. We encourage all members to become involved with the pool. Strattonwood hires a pool manager for the day to day management of the pool and supervision of the seasonal employees (lifeguards, swim instructors and swim lesson coordinator) Strattonwood does not employ grounds keepers, janitorial services or other service employees. Strattonwood owners are encouraged to be an active part of our pool.

For information about obtaining or selling a membership at the Strattonwood pool please contact our 'Membership' Chair at