Pool Party Policy R1

Pool Party Policies 

The term “party” is defined as bringing more than 8 non-member guests to the pool during regular pool hours, or requesting exclusive use of the pool. 

The term “guests” is defined as ANYONE attending the party – both swimmers and non-swimmers. 

To host a party at the Strattonwood Pool, the sponsoring member must be aware and comply with the following guidelines:  

The sponsoring member will:

  • Inform the manager of the total number of guests expected.
  • Agree that all guests may be subject to a swim test given by the lifeguard on duty.
  • Be the first one to arrive (guests may not enter the premises prior to the requested ‘start’ time or without the sponsoring member)
  • Stay for the entire duration of the event
  • Ensure all guests leave the premises at (or before) the requested rental timeframe ends. 
  • Be responsible for leaving the pool area, including locker rooms, clean and in good repair:
    • Picking up all trash/recycling
    • Clean any bar-b-cue grills used
    • Remove all food items
    • Stack chairs and benches as needed
    • Do a final walk-thru to pick up any discarded towels, clothing and shoes.
  • Be the last one in the party to leave after all guests have left and all clean up is finished.
  • Is responsible for the actions, activities and conduct of all guests.

    Note: If additional clean up and/or repairs are necessary the cleaning/damage deposit will be forfeited and additional fees may be added to the sponsoring member’s share of the pool as decided by the pool manager and the board of directors. 

The sponsoring member and guests will:

  • Abide by all standard pool rules as well as take directions from the life guards and pool management.
  • Comply with the policy of no possession or consumption of alcohol on the pool property.
  • Be considerate of the neighbors in terms of noise, parking, loud music, etc.
  • Assist in clearing the pool area 15 minutes prior to the end of the requested rental time so showers and changing areas can be clear on time and when necessary the pool gate can be locked and closed at 10:00pm as required by the City of Redmond.
  • Agree to hold Strattonwood Swim Club, its owners, employees, and the Board of Directors, harmless for any actions that may occur as a result of our use of the Strattonwood Pool for this function.

To reserve the pool for a specific date/time a Pool Party Request Form must be filled out, approved by the Pool Manager and submitted, along with payment in full and a $50 refundable cleaning/damage deposit check.